Friday, June 5, 2020

498a bail amount? India

498a bail amount? India
What Happens Once An FIR Has Been Registered? by Atur Chatur : As per Atur Chatur, When the FIR u/s 498a ipc has been registered then the procedure after registration of fir need to be followed and 498a husband often wonders as to :  498a bail amount? and these some other questions pops up in his mind which may be based on queries such as:- What happens after FIR is registered? | Can FIR be filed in any police station? | Can FIR be filed online? | What is the process of FIR in police station? court procedure after fir | fir cancellation procedure | how to know if fir is filed against me | fir process | fir is valid for how many days | fir time limit | what happens after chargesheet is filed | withdrawal of fir by complainant but the original query is still unresolved for the Non Resident Husband or Indian Resident husband trapped in false 498a by his 498a wife i.e., “498a bail amount?”. Hence, if after the registration of FIR the procedure is followed in a righteous manner then the success may be guaranteed and the husband’s query i.e., 498a bail amount? gets resolved automatically. So, if there is any NRI fighting for divorce without coming to India then instead of contacting the man cell if he directly understands the procedure for FIR and investigation then he may contest these cases easily using the above queries especially 498a bail amount?. Email:-

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  1. Yogesh Khanna
    Chatur Sir, Hope you remember me. I am Yogesh from Ludhiana, Punjab and aturchatur sir you guided me rightly in 498a bail amount matter and I am thankful for your guidance atur chatur sir in these areas viz.,
    498a bail amount

    atur chatur

    498a video

    Yogesh Khanna